The weather was so great on the weekend I thought I'd do some much needed weeding in the courtyard. And while I was there...take some photos as well...

This fabulous terracotta sculpture was done by Canberra artist Vivien Lightfoot...who's the first born's best friend's that! I'm patiently waiting for the jasmine to cover the lattice...because no way am I painting it!
The water bowl is a fairly recent addition that I love....well I loved it once I'd waterproofed it...who in the heck sells you a water bowl that leaks!!
And this is the first time I've had any success with sweet I'm pretty pleased about that... simple but I love them.
The maple I planted earlier this year...that I was told wouldn't grow where I put it....ha! I knew it would :) 
It was only half this size when I bought it for $14 at Bunnings...bargain.
And pelargoniums, or are they geraniums...I never know...but I think they're great too.  And in my opinion, you can't have a garden without a buddha or two...
And hey everyone...thanks so much for all your suggestions and support for the TT subtlety diet...I'm putting some of them in place and I'll up date you from time to time...
But more importantly...I've got some plans for the courtyard over the summer break...which may or may not involve painting out the ugly mission brown on the back of the house and installing some floaty curtains on the pergola!!
Tranquil, yes?

...and of course it's not a courtyard photo shoot without you know who is it!!