y heart skipped a beat when I perused Apartment Therapy's home tour of Emily and Erick's home. Read the article and see the rest of the swoon worthy pics here. Their California home may only be a little over 700 sq. feet, but it is full of personality and boho chic decor. When decorating in the boho theme, it's easy to go overboard and make your space look like a granny house nightmare. It's a fine line. But, you can easily tone down the granny vibe with some... mid-century pieces of course! You knew I would say that, didn't you?? Well, I'm currently dreaming of purchasing a new DSLR camera to be able to photograph some of the happenings in our own home. But, first... I must save pennies for a while. A long while, I suspect. That's okay though. Until then, I will just find awesome pics of other people's abodes and post them on here for your drooling delight. I love doing this. You discover that most amazing spaces! Soon I will be meeting a lot of super talented design/decor bloggers at the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City, UT. I'm sooooo excited to be attending this awesome conference!! I cannot wait to see who I will meet and what I will learn about the fun world of design blogging! What a treat! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to go. : ) Do you blog? Do you plan on going?? I'd love to know! Okay... I'm going to stop the rambling now. Wishing all of you lovely readers a fantastic, peaceful, fun filled Thanksgiving holiday. Don't count calories, eat what you wish, don't dwell on any problems, enjoy your company, laugh a lot and take lots of pictures! Man, it makes me want to get that DSLR camera so bad! Oh well... Until next week!
Happy Decorating!