Growing up my parents houses always had red front doors - I know, how very Lutheran of us. Aside: Did you know that most Lutheran churches have red doors because that was apparently the color of the door to which Martin Luther nailed his proclamation? Hopefully I remembered that correctly - haven't been to Sunday school in years people.
Anyway, red front doors. When Braxton and I moved into our house 20 years ago, I was merely a child, and we painted the front door bright red. Even my parents in law have a red front door.
A couple of months ago while strolling in the neighborhood - it hit me. It is entirely possible to have a very attractive home with a front door that is a color other than red! It's a whole new world yall.
So, after weeks of daydreaming about colorful front doors (naughty I know) and looking at every magazine in the house, I decided to grow up and paint the frickin front door green!!

Just some front door eye candy.

I just love the way it looks against my pink walls.

Now, that's the damn happy. What color is your front door?