So, a couple of picture perfect weekends ago, Braxton and I decided to drive to Lexington on Saturday, which is an adorable small city about an hour from where we live. If you are not familiar with the area, Lexington is the home of the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University, both gorgeous campuses. The city is old and quaint and always seems like a step back in time especially when there are civil war reenactors (not my thing at all) who are really snappy dressers.
Now that I've got you all ready to see pictures of lovely Lexington Virginia - I have to tell you - we never made it there.
We decided to take the road less traveled, aka the Blue Ridge Parkway, when we came upon the adorable town of Buchanan. And we stayed.
This is the lovely James River which runs through Buchanan. How great it that. Yep, this is an actual swing bridge people! Just before we stepped on it I noticed a sign that said "three person limit". Is that three fat people, three normal sized people, three elves, what??? AS there was already one guy fishing right in the center of the bridge, that made Braxton and me persons two and three. Thankfully all the other tourists that day could read.

Random cute house on Main Street.

Where we ate lunch.

My BLT with rings.

Braxtons bbq with corn fritters.

This is authentic stuff people!

One last picture of Main Street. I promise we will eventually make it to Lexington and I will take pictures of cute VMI cadets in uniform just for you.