A thousand apologies for the following fo/ne/tic spellings of certain french words. I was too lazy to look them up. Plus, I took German which excuses everything.

Like many of the movies we review on this blog, rat/a/tooey has been around for a while - so there is not much reason to go into great detail here. It's a story of friendship and food set in the tray jo/lee city of Pa/ree.
If you've ever read my bio - you know that I loooove food and the culinary arts which made rat/a/tooey a visual treat for me. The restaurant kitchen is to die! All of the scenes of cooking and eating were tray man/e/feek and I absolutely will put rat/a/tooey on the menu for this week (the dish, not the movie).
Rat/a/tooey is a fun movie for snuggling in bed with a tray of or/derves and your significant other. If you see this movie be sure to hang out until the ending credits - the artwork is adorable and actually quite mod.
I would surely give this movie a green light for date night and I guarantee that you will be hungry when it's over.