Misery Bear is a lonely, sometimes drunk bear, in search of happiness. He is the first to reveal his identity at What’s In Your bedroom… And, I think his bedroom was first glimpsed in one of his films, Trip to London, where he unfortunately ended up in a bad way - unlike in these pictures, where he looks perfectly chilled. He might think his life is miserable and worthless, but at last he’s not on the streets and he’s got a great bedroom. The Venetian style, mirrored furniture, makes it look like a boutique hotel. And, it seems this Bear’s no dumb dumb, soaking up the Observer, and wading his way through a weighty piece of JG Ballard. When I asked him what he’d save if his bedroom were on fire, the techno savvy, musical Bear said, “I’d save my Washburn acoustic guitar and my ipad.”

Photographs courtesy of: Nat Saunders

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