One of the things that gets Braxton and me waaay too excited is beautiful packaging. Have you been to a clinique counter lately? It all looks like candy. We could (and have) spent hours at the perfume counter checking out the bottles. Shalimar is my favorite.
Which leads me to this - liquor bottles. Seriously next time you accidentally fall into a abc store check out the packaging. Many times we have strolled down the aisles marveling at the colors, shapes and sizes of the bottles, some are quite stunning. It's a little embarrassing when someone asks if we need help and we just smile lamely and say "no thanks we're just looking". Is there such a thing as packaging nerds?
One of my favorite things is tiny bottles, and the abc is full of them. So, one day it hit me. These could make really good decanters for our vitamins!

I just love the way the vitamin D looks in that pale blue beauty.

Of course I wouldn't recommend you do this with prescription meds but I think they are perfect for vits, cuz you know you keep them on your breakfast table anyway, they might as well be beautiful!
Can you think of any other uses for liquor bottles large or small?