I met Helen at a party in Dalston and when she told me her bedroom was her secret shame, I knew I had to photograph it. She lives in a shared flat in Hackney and says that she tries to be tidy but it's just not her and although it looks a mess, she knows where everything is - even her filing system that lies somewhere down the side of her bed. She is a keen knitter and also has a penchant for teaspoons - her obsession started when she went to a cafĂ© and the teaspoon they gave her was so fancy that she stole it, since then her friends keep buying them for her. She now has a box full on top her wardrobe. I was quite taken by the knitted test patch and teaspoon ensemble hanging from her wardrobe doorknob - strangely good. If Helen’s bedroom were on fire, she would save a small stool that she made, she’s very attached to it and said, “I just really like it, my old house mate couldn’t believe I wanted to take it with me when I left, but I like it and I like the way I’ve attached a cushion to the top with wool.”