This is the story of a country rat named Remy who has a specially talented nose for food and a dream of being more than a rat. He goes to Paris where he has a chance to live that dream as a chef at Gusteau's Restaurant.
The story is full of wisdom and heart and humor and Disney's recurring theme of heroes or heroines struggling against the system to realize their dreams. Disney said, "if you can dream it, you can do it", and this movie gem is true to Uncle Walt's wisdom and vision.
If you like a mid-century vibe, which we do, the animated scenery is great, especially the credits illustrations.
This is a great guy's movie, from this guy's perspective, inspiring for dreamers of all ages. It's a good Date Night @ the Movies movie, worthy of our movie collection - since we collect our favorite movies as part of the Damn Happy. I will return to this movie again, hungry for more.