I have to tell you...
my house looks like the proverbial bomb has gone off in a corner of it
a small one anyway...bomb that is, not corner
and that's not even counting the space the 22 year old is inhabiting

that,my friends, you can only begin to imagine!

but it's where he creates some rather good graphic design...I'll show you some of it one day...
so how wonderful it is to gaze at all this...well, tidyness and order and tranquility...

sometimes my house looks styled...

but not all that often I must confess

maybe this weekend I'll have a styling blitz
or maybe not...I have a wedding to go to...in a paddock near Tumut! Can't wait.

Where, apart from pondering the joys of wedded bliss (and wondering where on earth I went wrong!!), I will think about who to pass this lovely award on to...and make up reveal 5 secret things about me!
Thank you Sara Louise, for thinking I'm stylish...you silly possum...have you forgotten the crochet rock :)  You must check out Sara in Le Petit Village. Go and meet her, the husband, Fifty, and Honey Jr among others. She is an absolute cracker and an definite must read for moi!

p.s. I actually love the rock :))

images via brabourne farm; collage of life; cote de texas; design sponge; driftwood interiors; greige; la maison boheme; shannon fricke; the design files; the diversion project