Yancey and I LOVE movies and try to rotate them boy-girl-boy...This is definitely girl night at the movies. Guys if you are Home Alone, drinking a cold one in your recliner and expecting a testosterone filled experience, you need to find another movie. No car chases, scantily clad women, or gunfire here.

Personally, I prefer a good action/adventure with some humor and a fantastical visually stunning setting in my movies, but date night is cool. Sometimes I really enjoy a chick flick if it has enough going for it - like the Notebook. And I almost always stay awake to see the ending, unlike my sweetheart Yancey, who can doze off during the opening credits of certain guy night movies. In other words, sometimes I have to decide on "date night" at the movies or Matrix:).

The Namesake is a decent date night movie. It's about an Indian family and the culture clash when the couple moves to America to grow a family. It's about tradition and love and two cultures tugging at young people who are pressed to decide which culture to honor. It has some beautiful scenery and it is always nice to travel to other countries and have a window into other cultures. The movie was a pleasant enough escape but didn't excite me. I would probably pass on seeing it again. As a date movie though, I would give it a green light. It's a fine movie to see after a busy day, piled up on the bed with your best girl by your side, a cold drink in your hand, and a bowl of salty chips. Just relax back into your pillows and enjoy.