Richard and I are off to a wedding of those 'later in life' marriages that don't come around all that often, but that have special meaning when they do...well I think so anyway. The last time I bothered to look up any statistics (despite a hard earned HD in stats when I was doing my Masters I can't stand anything remotely resembling a number!) the trend was that as a population we are marrying less and marrying later. But marrying we are...and I like that.
These beautiful wedding pictures are of Sonia and her new husband Peppe. The gorgeous (both inside and out) Sonia works in our company and she and Peppe were married on July 22nd this year. They've just come back from a very long honeymoon lucky things!
They were married in Peppe's home town Scilla in southern Italy. In the St Catarani church where Peppe's parents, grandparents and sisters were all say nothing of the gazillion family christenings that have been celebrated there! 
Sonia tells me that the mural behind the altar depicts St Catherine of the can read about her here if you're so inclined. Or take a little trip to Scilla, Calabria here.
Aren't these photos wonderful? Like something out of a magazine. But I've saved the one I like best for last...
That ' glad to see you' kiss, after the walk down the aisle :) Just beautiful.
So, where was I...oh yes, marriage. Despite a failed one (which I've thankfully stopped beating myself up about) I don't give a toss what the statistics say. Weddings bring joy, laughter, maybe a few tears, hope, happiness, excitement, fatigue, promise, and of course...mountains of love. A lot like marriage itself don't you think.
And that's what it's all about.
all images courtesy of Sonia and Peppe...a long, happy life together you two xx
p.s. In case you're wondering, despite the 'failure' (which really wasn't when you think about it, because we produced two beautiful children as a result), the ex and I get on well, and I'm facebook friends with his new wife...civilised lot we are!!