I ended up deciding to make something yesterday...it seems I can't help myself. Can you see it...there in the bottom of the picture...
...a crocheted jumper (pullover) for a rock...and no, I have not gone completely mad...not yet anyway. And aren't the daffodils lovely.
It was pretty easy and didn't take too long...there was even time for a bit of a magazine browse and a cuppa...
Here's a close-up of the front and back. The most difficult bit was the last round that had to be crocheted with the rock in the jumper.
This is where it'll live for the time being...on the coffee table...it's meant to look a bit like a sea urchin...I think it does. And I also think it's very important when decorating to have a sense of humour about it all! 
It was certainly quicker than the knitted dishcloth, but I think it needs some friends :)
I got the pattern from here.
Head on over to Kootoyoo for people doing useful craft...although I guess this might make a cute paperweight. My poor friends...crocheted rocks and knitted dishcloths for Christmas this year...beware!! And the first born will be getting more than one after she sent me an email saying "oh yes...I've always wanted a crochet rock!!" I'm sure she doesn't get her sarcasm from me...no, simply not possible ;)

I'm linking up to Flaunt it Friday at Chic on a Shoestring too.