S o I'm not sure if it's because it's fall and thus "dining season" or what... but I've been having these Danish Modern dining room fantasies lately. It all started with a quick peruse through Craigslist and a find of a $45 Danish Modern dining table. My heart skipped a beat or two and just as I was getting ready to contemplate this dining table... my frugal, rational brain kicked in. "No!" It said. "You haaaave a dining table!!!" Oh well. One can always dream right? But, if you happen to be having these dreams and you can afford to "splurge" on a $45, awesome find AND your rational brain doesn't reprimand you... then tis the season to be Danish Modern. : ) It's the perfect time of year to revamp your dining area. With Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up, you have plenty of reasons to throw a dinner gathering! When decorating in the Mid-Century style, always start with the table. The chairs can be gathered in time. Also, remember that chairs with less than appealing fabric can always be re-covered. A nice trip to Ikea for some fresh fabric, a staple gun, some elbow grease and some time and you've got yourself a nice set of chairs! Once you've got the table & chairs, you can move on to the artwork, area rug, etc... Use sites like Flickr.com for inspiration or, better yet... decor blogs! Decor blogs are the decorating magazines of today. Take advantage of the vast amount of information out there. Plus... p.s. ... it's free!!!
Hopefully you all had a good start to the week and did not suffer from a case of the Mondays. I had a good day. Worked hard, but felt rewarded at the end of it. Then, hung out at my place with my BFF and my godson over some spaghetti and much needed girl talk. : ) A nice way to spend a Monday evening. Here's to tomorrow! Until then lads!
Happy Decorating!