Yancey put this into the Netflix queue. We had always been kinda interested to see this but it
had never been on the top of the list. Seems like there was always something more interesting to see, and documentaries, I'll admit, are not the escape I'm normally looking for after a punishing day at the office.
As a documentary, there was no new information here, it wasn't at all balanced journalism. and it wasn't funny enough to be worth seeing it for a good laugh. It was a reminder that there are a lot of people and religions out there that are crazy, and that religion is responsible for a lot of the world's "sins". It didn't show the comfort religion can give many people, the good works, or the kindhearted, good people who are inspired by religion or a religious order.
Personally, I wasn't ticked off by the sow. I'm not churchy, but I am spiritual and part of my journey is to grow in the spirit and in wisdom. Some church folk could be put off by Maher's snarky comments and by his very personal viewpoint. In terms of documentaries I like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 a lot better, it was hilarious and much smarter and better crafted.
This movie had some humorous moments, and it is a pleasant enough diversion if you have nothing better to see but need to veg-out. I wouldn't see it again. I would have to give it a red light as a guy movie and for Date Night at the Movies, expect no burning bush, no second coming:).
Keeping it reel.