Earlier this week I finally got a chance to visit the newly renovated Jefferson hotel here in DC which has been open for a year and getting RAVE reviews (read Jennifer Sergent's great post with beautiful pictures at DC by Design blog).
The architectural firm ForrestPerkins was the architect for the extensive interior and exterior renovations. Of course I only had my Droid incredible, whose camera continues to disappoint me, but the fuzzy pictures still show how truly elegant this hotel is!
The restaurant, seen above, was really just incredibly chic, a word I don't tend to use but nothing else describes it! I hear they have an amazing brunch so I might have to check it out, especially since it's just 2 blocks from my apartment!The hotel in general has a very French flavor, which may hark to the time Thomas Jefferson spent in that country or maybe it just fit the space.
The entry has beautiful black and white marble floors, white woodwork and dramatic deep colored walls which show off their extensive DC history collection perfectly.In the rear of the first floor are a series of business spaces with beautiful wood paneling and really stylish furniture - I could work here, couldn't you, or at least curl up with a good book?It definitely has a distinct quietly residential feeling; just what you want in a luxury hotel.The lighting is particularly glamorous, all by Niermannweeks - they really were the jewels in the crown!
I encourage you to visit to check out the beautiful space: the bar even features live piano music (not to mention excellent drinks!).