I had a friend once who ridiculed my reading of 'self-help' books. She was completely derisive about it...which didn't stop me, but she is no longer a friend, for that and other reasons. I look at this list and think...there are some wise words here...smart ways to think, clever ways to act. And like a self help book...we can choose to read it, or not. We take something from this list or we don't. I'm particularly taken by No.19 at the moment. Then there's always that classic...build a bridge, get over it! What are you taken by; any of your own?

Thank you so much for another wonderful week of bloggy friendship. For the bits of wisdom you bring. For the advice you share. For the laughs you give me. For kindness...you guys are kindness personified. Have a wonderful weekend. Love ya loads as my friend Jo says!

Edited to add: Chania of Razmataz (she of the beautiful boat photo I tried to paint!) asked people to send in photos that epitomised simplicity. She was kind enough to include one of mine, but you should see the others...awesome. So please head over and have a look here.