It's a bit to get your head around isn't it.
Three parts to this. I quite liked the first bit; the bit about being daring, different..and yes, even impractical. But not all the time. Surely that would be too damn exhausting and a great big pain in the butt for everyone else!
The second part: ok, integrity, imagination and vision are all good. Otherwise nothing would ever change would it? No wonderful innovations, no mad ideas that somehow work, no drive to make things better.
But the third: play-it-safers, commonplace, ordinary, used here with such disdain. Surely these things have their place in our lives too. We need steadiness as well as brashness. And who decides what is ordinary and what is extraordinary anyway. In the fabric of our own lives, don't we get to choose that? Everyone has a story as they say. 
Despite Cecil's wonderful photographic and design legacy, if he was still alive I think I might be inclined to debate him on this.
What do you think?
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