Yep, well...remember how I started to silver-leaf this chair? You probably don' was back in May!! 
It was more than a little difficult, even after my lovely bloggy friend Kerri gave me a few good tips. Something about white cotton gloves, a soft brush and...oh yes, it's probably easier to start with flat, not curved surfaces Kerry with a 'y'...hmmm.
So I decided, despite the fact that I loved the idea, and the way it was looking, there was no way that I was going to persevere with it.  Shirley Conran once famously said that 'life's too short to stuff a mushroom', but I'm here to tell you mushroom stuffing's a walk in the park compared to silver leafing...and a whole lot less messy!
Anyway, sick and tired of looking at an unusable chair, I skedaddled off to Bunnings, and resorted to spray cans...a primer and a metal look paint..
A big sheet of plastic in the courtyard, a quick sand down and the primer on...this took a few tries to get good coverage (on the left), wait for 40 minutes and then the silver paint which went on much more smoothly than the primer. A couple of pot plants may have a few painted accents that weren't intended, but overall I was quite pleased.
The silver paint has a slightly more industrial look than the silver leaf but I think that's ok.
It's probably going to go here, in the lower part of my bedroom. The black curtain separates the 'sitting' area from the bed. The large mirror will be framed at some stage and there will be a gallery wall in here as well.  And of course the chair seat needs to be sorted...maybe on Wednesday...but this is likely to be the fabric.
And I managed to do quite a bit of reading and get a heap more granny squares crocheted as well. Not a bad effort...balanced weekend :). Now we just have to see what balance our new government will have...bated breath bloggy peeps...bated breath...(and yes that's the correct spelling...I looked it up!)