All photographs from Interior Design- Modern Minimalism's Flickr Page
imple Living" is one of my favorite topics to research and read about. It's one of the secrets to happiness, I think. : ) The less clutter to worry about, the more time you have to feel at peace and relaxed. The nice thing about a mid-century decor is that it lends itself quite easily and beautifully to this way of life. Furniture should be streamlined, clean and... simple. It'll do wonders for your state of mind. : ) Trust me! I went through a serious de-cluttering stage about 4 years ago and it was incredibly therapeutic. Now, our house is minimalistic and we absolutely love it!
Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend. My sister was in town from Chicago and the family & I were so ecstatic to see her and spend time with her. We had so much fun! I then hung out with my beautiful godson and best friend and just had a terrific time. Amazing how being surrounded by good friends and wonderful family can make a weekend unforgettable. : ) Wishing all of you a happy week ahead. I just hope this dreadful heat goes away sooner, rather than later. It's killer! Yuck!
Happy Decorating!