I made a big decision this week. In fact, I'd made it in my head some time ago. But on Monday I turned it into a reality.  And it was a decision well and truly fueled by my entry into blogging. It was a decision inspired by so many of you, and the things you do, but especially by this woman, who has been so kind and encouraging...the exceptional Mariska from I used to be snow white but I drifted...who turned her artistic dream into a reality.
So, my decision. It may not seem monumental, but it is to me. You see, I decided that I would work four days a week from 12 July. As part owner of a business this was a hard decision. But I am going to use the extra day to create. And even better...with friends I've found through blogging, and with a friend I've had for a long time who doesn't blog...we are going to open an online store. The bloggers will probably be known to many of you who visit here, but I'm not saying who just yet...we need to finalise quite a few details first and there's a bit more to do (we may need some left brained process person to help us!!).
But...I just want to tell you how excited I am. I want to say that no matter how old you are (and I'm having another birthday next week...crumbs they come around quickly!)...no matter what the circumstances of your life ...you can make good changes...choices of the heart and not the bank balance...you can, as the picture says, be free to fly. 
The MGM (most gorgeous man for those not in the know) and I are off to the coast for a few precious days together on Sunday, so I may have a short blogging break...or not! We'll be staying at a friend's gorgeous house at the beach so I'll be sure to take some photos to share with you.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments this week; thank you to new readers and big hugs to all of you. That was all a bit schmaltzy and soppy wasn't it? Don't worry, I'll be back to normal soon:)
ist image from here; 2nd from Mariska's place