Are you living inside a bubble? Well, perhaps you may feel like it at times. Goodness knows I do... allll the time. I try to be hip, but the extent of my hipness is probably the fact that I can sing along to a Justin Bieber song. Although that could be considered lame... I'm not sure. Anywho! While perusing the isles of Z-Gallerie the other day, I fell in love with this bubble clock. "How awesome!" I thought. I think it would look really hip and cool in your mid-century decor. It's modern but with a twist of retro, which I love. I think the hardest part of decorating in a vintage, mid-century style, for most people, is finding a happy medium between retro and modern. You don't want your house to look like Marcia and Jan Brady are going to skip in through the front door any minute, but you also don't want a space where everything is brand spanking new with no personality and it looks like the Stepford Robot family lives there. So, finding a happy medium is key. My best advice? Try to stay true to yourself and be unique, but borrow ideas from decor blogs and mags. They're great guides for novice and expert decorators alike. Some of my favorites? Apartment Therapy or the Mid-Century Modernist. Of course, there's a ton of others to gain inspiration from. But those two are a good start. I hope everyone's weekend was awesome! : ) I did something I needed to do desperately! I relaxed. : ) Yep. Gave myself a pedicure, took naps, read, watched the boob tube and cut my hair. Yea, you read right. I attempted to cut my own bangs and now? I look like a damn chubaka. Do chubaka's have bangs? I don't know. Whatever. It'll grow back. Today? I got the car's oil changed and I'm home chillin'. Looking forward to The Bachelorette tonight. : ) I know. Exciting life. Why shouldn't I have my own reality TV show? You'd see lots of naps, bad bang hair cuts and typing on the laptop. Awesome. Until tomorrow!

Happy Decorating!

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