W hile perusing the consumer world called the mall this past weekend, my best friend and I were sorely disappointed at what we saw. We've never felt so outdated in our lives! That could possibly be attributed to the fact that neither of us has really shopped in the last two years. Proof? She went into my closet to find something "new" to wear and I handed her this top I've had for a few years that I thought would look awesome on her. Her response? "This is tiiiiiiiny small Mina!" I took a second look at it and it really did look like a top made for an 8 year old frame. Seriously! That top must have been from my 90 pound days. Now... a couple of pounds later and a couple of years later... I'm officially outdated. : ( But, does that mean we liked what we saw? Not so much. Once my favorite shop, Forever 21, proved to be a severe bummer. 1984 called... and it wants its entire wardrobe back. I think Debbie Gibson and the company, L.A. Gear left messages too. Holy 80s! White washed jeans, floral skirts, zipper jeans, neon tanks and satin/rayon bubble dresses! Ah! The horror! Once my bff and I ran out of the mall in sheer disbelief that our childhood had been paraded in front of us while in our 30s, we agreed that our fashion in our 20s was much, much cooler... the bohemian fashion. : ) So! To honor our favorite type of clothing, I featured the pics above. Maybe some fashion editors and designers will read this and come to their senses. I mean... really... what's next? Guys with long hair and make up!? Oh yea... Adam Lambert is here, isn't he? He's got the whole Boy George thing going. Oh well. We tried to warn them. I mean, it's not like the waif, doc martens age of the 1990s was any better. : ) I hope you are all enjoying your week!

Happy Decorating!


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