It's not that I want you to think these pics are sub-par, less than optimum, not up to scratch...or anything remotely like that. 

No, these are just the ones that I spent a ridiculous amount of time umming and aahing over. Do they go in to the weekly top ten, or do they not? 
Which is just a tad ironic seeing I decided to do the top ten so I didn't have to think so hard in the middle of the work week! 
You know...pick a pretty picture or ten and that's that...Thursday's post done and dusted...ha...sometimes I question my 'wisdom'! 
And then of course, having gone to the trouble of collecting them (not that it involves any hardship on my part of course!) I couldn't let them wallow unloved in the top ten pic folder on my dear old hard drive now could I...'twouldn't be right.
So here you go possums...just before June runs out...the ones that didn't quite make the cut...hope you like them. 
They're quite pretty aren't they?
Some have even got white in there's something you don't see a lot of around here!

A labour of love this is dear bloggy peeps...just for you...

Phew...thank goodness...only nine collages...because ten would have been just too silly!
And the blogs from whence they's a list, because after all..that's part of the fun as well!

images (and I'm really sorry they are not individually attributed to pics...because quite frankly life is too short) come from these wonderful alphabetical order (can you guess how long this took me!!)
a punch of colour; belle maisonbohemian shoebox; brabourne farm; bright.bazaarcasa bella; design ties; desire to inspire; french essence; glimpse of style; la maison boheme;lime in the coconutlittle blue deer; livelikeyou; lona de anna; lou, bou's and shoes; small place style; style me pretty; the brass petal; the decorista; the diversion project; thimbles and crumbles; urban farmgirl; young house I said...a labour of love!!