I really liked this quote...so much nicer than living to fight another day don't you think?  
It got me thinking about conflict and contest and how much of it there is in our language (if not our lives). We battle the traffic, we hope the best man wins, we'll 'die in a ditch' over something, or we won't, we fight an uphill battle, we run into barriers, we surrender to the inevitable, we revel in a contest of wits, we can have a clash of cultures (or colours!). We lose control, or joust for it. We use our arsenal of skills. We struggle with the housework...
It's exhausting...let's just smile today instead :)
I'm smiling, because I now have my 200th follower, thanks to Michelle at Paper Tree Design. Go and check out the beautiful things she creates if you haven't already. Thank you Michelle. I'm gobsmacked. Is it crazy to get ridiculously excited by that? Awesome you lot are, absolutely awesome!
Plus!!  Get this! My friend Mary in Canada sent me a real, live letter...mail that isn't a bill! With fridge magnets...I loooooove fridge magnets. Double awesome...thank you Mary!