I took a bit of a break yesterday and perused the wonderful land of Z Gallerie at our local mall. I fell in love with everything, particularly the rain boots umbrella stand, the Mr. Owl vase and that fabulous print by Jenn Ski. My awesome mom ended up buying me the Mr. Owl vase. : ) It's happily sitting on our living room coffee table awaiting some lovely flowers. Remember that decorating in a mid-century style does not mean that every single item must be vintage. It's a good rule of thumb to combine new and old. It makes it look fresher and not so much like a time capsule. : ) Hopefully everyone's weekend went well. All I know is that it's been hot as h**l around here. Gosh! But, I spent my weekend surrounded by people who I love and who genuinely love and support me. It's a wonderful feeling. Happy Monday everyone! Until tomorrow!
Happy Decorating!

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