Mid-Century desk lamps are sleek and artistic. They make quite the statement in a room. Think... Audrey Hepburn. Not a lot of flash or bling... just nice, simple, clean lines with a twist of classic elegance. Mid-Century desk lamps are the Audrey's of mid-century decor. : ) Etsy, E-Bay, vintage boutiques or mom's attic are great resources for these babies. Don't like the color? Spray paint it! I've done that with a few lamps that I acquired in the horrid hue of brown... and I livened them up in teal! Well... my hubby did. : ) I just chose the color. : ) I'll give credit where it's due. : ) I hope you've all had a terrific Monday, thus far. I hope I can stay on the blog train this week. It's been a pretty rough month, to say the least. Whew. Just trying to get out from under this crap storm. Goodness. Wish me luck.
Happy Decorating!
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