Despite the very unfair perfectly understandable comments questioning my reason for going to Magnetic Island (it truly is work you doubting ones!)...I thought I'd post some pics of a gorgeous house that's for sale there at the moment...provided you have a spare $2.49 million in change that is!
Not too shabby...could do lots of good work there with my trusty laptop! Not that that's where I'm going to be. And for those who don't know how very big the main island of our wonderful country is...this is where I'm coming from and going to...morning in Canberra, afternoon in a tropical paradise very hot and unpleasant working environment.

I'll be posting the top ten tomorrow as just won't be from a cold Canberra winter! Yes, yes I know it doesn't get that cold here...but it's nowhere near as warm as Magnetic Island...I did say I was going there right??
Don't forget to enter my cute leather tote bag giveaway here. And after you've done that head on over to my bloggy soul sister Kerri with an 'i' at Driftwood Interiors...there's some of her original art up for offer to a lucky winner (that'd have to be me, but feel free to give it your best shot just in case it isn't!)
all house images from here...maybe I'll check it out while I'm there (oh that's right. no time. working, working...)