I love receiving my weekly Houzz updates, because they are a little treat waiting for me in my email. This weekend I especially loved the photos of a little house with a modern soul. If I were walking down the street and came across this place, I would wish that I could run inside. Funny enough, I have seen the inside because it is the home of Morgan of The Brick House. (Some time ago I mentioned this blog here).

The Brick House is all about modern design on a budget, which is an idea that is close to my heart. It frustrates me that we tend to associate modern with large expense! Don't get me wrong I love reading Dwell or Architectural Digest as much as the next person, but that isn't really practical for most of us, right? Fortunately, Morgan doesn't let a small budget hold her back and I LOVE this amazing detail on the front of the house. I have to confess that I'm including this photo in hopes that it might inspire all you modern lovers who think your house could never express your ideas. Just think a little out of the box...ha, ha!
Wow! Check out the before pic.
The backyard is fantastic!
Finally, I couldn't resist this photo because the simplicity of it is so wonderful. I envy Morgan's ability to live with very few items. I try to do this myself but often fail:( Having so many blank spaces allow your mind to wander and reflect. (Said the hard-core introvert!).