Vintage Coasters by ShopAlice - $20

Retro Owl S & P Shakers by Rhan - $28

Mid-Century Stand by MoxieThrift - $52.50

Keep Calm Poster by BaoStudio - $50

1960s Vintage Tray by BohemianVintage1 - $15

Okay... so I've been "gone" a while. So so sorry about that. Life just got a tad comp. But, that's okay. It must go on. : ) I perused ol' Etsy this a.m. and found these goodies on there. I'm on an orange, avocado green, yellow kinda kick lately. I don't know. So, that's what I gravitated to when making my picks. I hope you like them. : )
The hubs and I are pretty much settled into our new digs and we absolutely love it. It's awesome. Now, if it weren't so hot around here, it'd be perfect. But, unfortunately, the weather has been pretty much scorching for the past 3 weeks or so. It's pretty bad. But, hopefully the next couple of months of heat will go by quickly. Hopefully. Hmnn... then again, it's Florida. It never really cools around here until December or so. I remember our wedding day last October. Oh my goodness... I'm surprised my husband and I (and the entire list of guests) didn't melt away in one afternoon! It was freakishly hot! Oh well... it made it a day to remember... that's for sure! I hope you are all having an amazing week thus far!! It's only Tuesday... so... head up high people!! Still have a few days to the weekend!
Happy Decorating!

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