P endant lamps just make me smile. They're like cute, giant earrings or something. Weird analogy, I know. It must be this coffee I'm drinking right now. : ) What I adore about these types of lamps, is the fact that they can be hung anywhere. There's no hard wiring. So, if you feel like having it in the living room one day and the laundry room the next, it's okay! Just move it! All you need is a couple of ceiling hooks and a nearby outlet and you're good to go! It's very reminiscent of the bohemian lifestyle. They never stay in one place for too long and always have changing and evolving ideas. : ) I hope everyone's week is going fantabulously well!
Don't forget that we are now liquidating the shop!! So, stop in and get something before it's gone, gone, gone!!
Happy Decorating!

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