A little while ago I was approached by the very lovely Maree from Buyster to see if I'd like to offer one of their amazing line of goodies as a giveaway. Ah, yep...I'm not silly...of course I would. So I am. Offering one that is...
To be honest, it took me ages to work out what I'd like to give you...so many options...I got a bit lost in the website what with looking at clocks and lights and kitchenware and bags and rugs. Go see Table Tonic for the most awesome use of a Buyster rug. Ever.
But I thought, everyone needs a good tote don't they?  There were lots of those to choose from too but I really liked this simple, bit-of-fun graphic that I thought went with just about anything really...OK, not black tie, I concede that! It comes in a few colours: black, tan, burgundy or red so please nominate the colour as well when you comment.
So why a giveaway today? Three reasons: I've managed to notch up 105 posts as of right now...
I'm going here on Wednesday...

...that would be Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland (it is for work though bloggy peeps so try not to get too jealous!)
...and I've been given a few blog awards lately; from Jeanne at Collage of Life, Dash from French Sampler and Louisa from Vintage by Lou Lou and I wanted a way to use this giveaway to say thank you for that and for the now 171 people who sometimes take time out of their very busy lives to read what I have to say or see what I have to show (the weekly top ten is proving to be very competitive...I love it!!).  

So, thank you to Buyster, thank you to those three lovely bloggers who've made me feel really wonderful by giving me awards in the last little while, thank you to the people who follow this blog (as it says on the sidebar, probably...no doubt out of idle curiosity) and thank you for providing me with a rich source of inspiration, giggles, thoughtfulness and sheer, unadulterated pleasure.  As Jackie at Home said yesterday...bloggers rock! I'm putting the pic she used for that post here...just in case it doesn't get in to this week's top ten Jackie!

So, please enter the giveway.  I think to be fair to people who do follow this blog and to the sponsor of the gift, you need to be a follower to be eligible for this one. Buyster only post within Australia BUT if this is won by an overseas reader, don't worry, I'll get it delivered to me and then I'll post it off to you. It's the least I can do! So, there you go...you know the drill!