A little while back I said that I get pretty tired by the time Thursday rolls around and just want to post pretty pictures. I've mostly been taking them from books on my bookshelf...but, ever one to change my mind (surely not!) I've decided...for the moment at least...that Thursday will be devoted to posting pictures that I've seen over the past week on other sites. Pictures that have made me go aaaahhh....or oooooh....or on some occasions have rendered me speechless (no mean feat that one!). Not that I'm qualified to judge these things really, but does that matter? No. Didn't think so.
stills locations via greige
Naturally, as I only just thought of this yesterday, I haven't been putting aside jawdropping images all week (no, that would require organisation and forethought) so it's taken me a while to put this together, which kind of defeated the purpose. And I have no doubt that I've seen many pictures this week that should have made it to the list. But...as this is my first attempt you will, I'm sure, cut me some slack.  Next week though, I'll be stockpiling as I blog stalk...that's the plan anyway! Enjoy...
pia ulin via just about everywhere
collette dinnigan's house via the diversion project
polly eltes via mostly older than me
artefact via la dolfina
Thank you to all of these wonderful bloggy places and websites for giving me such tingles!