T his week has been absolutely hectic! Whoa! The hubs & I found a new temp dig to rest our heads in while our "real" home gets renovated and added on to. So, we've been moving all our stuff from my old place on the other side of town to our new place (close to work... yay!) But, man oh man, I had no idea I had accumulated so much crap in the 6 years that I lived there. Good grief! What a hassle! So! This is why I have not been up to my usual blogging this week. I just got a minute to blog about the move, so that you all wouldn't be wondering. Not that you don't have better things to worry about. : ) But, just thought I'd update ya! There will be another give away tomorrow! Stay tuned! I'll also announce the winner of our wall paper give away on tomorrow's post!! I should be back to my regular blogging schedule by next Monday, when I will... alas... have the Internet set up at our new house. Thank goodness. Anywho... promise I'll post pics of the new house as soon as it looks decent enough. It may be a while though...
Happy Decorating!
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