T wo decorating books that I find to be my ultimate design muses are written by the same author! Amy Butler's "Found Style" and "Midwest Modern." Both are fresh, clean and fun. I love her style and thus, her fabrics. I mean... she is a fabric designer, first and foremost. Would she be totally weirded out if I moved into their awesome house? I'd clean! : ) Well, I know I can't move in without seeming stalkerish... so I'll try to emulate the look for my own home as a solution. Sounds good. : ) I hope you are all having a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend. We had a wonderful time. Thank goodness. We did get caught in the rain last night while walking around our new neighborhood, but we found cover and used the time to chit chat and cuddle. : ) (My husband and I, that is). : ) We're settling in well and are very thankful for our new temp digs. We heart it. Until tomorrow everyone!
Happy Decorating!

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