T he "Arc" Lamp is a light fixture I am currently crushing on. It looks fab in a mid-century decor and would look absolutely awesome in our living room or our bedroom. Hmnnn... (thinking wheels turning)... We actually got one (a knock off) in the shop right now. It's $400 and I am so tempted to drag it home. But... being a good business person is about restraint with that type of thing. You never want to take your own stuff home!! : ) So! I will keep it in the shop for sale! Now... if you want to buy it for me... well, then I wouldn't complain! ; ) You can try Craigslist.com or DWR.com for one of these beauties. It's sure to please!
I hope everyone's Monday has gone well thus far. I had to stay home because we had our phone/cable deal hooked up today and that always tends to take several hours. But... voila! I now have the Internet at home! Yay! A whole week without it was pretty painful. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead...
Happy Decorating!

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