Vintage Vinyl Oil Cloth by PumpkinTruck - $6 per yard

Vintage Fondue Set by BohemianVintage1- $28

Vintage Swim Suit by NattyVintage - $45

Book Cover by Madbird - $13

Hand carved owls by CathodeBlue - $16

M s. Orange is a sassy little thing... while Mr. Brown is kinda drab and serious. But, when they get together... bam! Fireworks! They certainly bring out the best in each other, don't they? I love the orange and brown color combo. It's fun and versataile. It can be used anywhere... from the kitchen to the kids' room. Let's hear it for orange and brown! Yeah!
Hopefully everyone's Tuesday is going dandy. The hubs & I are certainly beginning to feel the exhaustion that comes from moving. Yikes. It stinks. But, well worth it. Nothing like having a yard to romp around with the doggies in. They just love it. The kitty? He's thrilled to be away from the dogs. His living space is all the way in the front of the house... awaaaaay from the dogs. He's in heaven! So... now that all the fur balls are content and the humans are happy... it's time to rest and enjoy. Oh... wait... we move the shop in a month. Oy vei... never ending, I tell you.... never ending. Okay... for now... I shall be back with you all tomorrow for Boho Wednesday. Let me quit my moaning and just be graciously grateful for all these blessings that are coming our way.
Happy Decorating!

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