I used to have an iPhone. 
I had three in fact...two of them absolute lemons, hence the need for a third. And one particular application [the spirit level] caused the demise of my favourite Ganesh snow dome. It was so kitsch it was completely awesome. Trust me on that. You can read about that mournful little episode here. It's reasonably amusing, although it wasn't at the time. So I gave my iPhone to the first-born and got a Crack Blackberry instead. It's nice...it's sophisticated...and I lose it in the bottom of my handbag in exactly the same way I used to lose the iPhone...

But I kind of miss it.
So, I was pleased to find these fridge magnets online at Peters of Kensington...13 buckaroonies...and no application download costs.

I might have to get some. Either that or just continue to pretend it's beyond cool to give up an iPhone voluntarily. It's my story bloggy peeps...I'm sticking to it!