There's something special about the effect a rug can have on your space. It can do wonders to warm up a space or bring some color into it. For instance, if you rent and aren't allowed to paint the walls or you're too afraid of making a drastic change of color to your walls, try a rug! It can have the same effect! Plus it feels so nice and fuzzy under your little (or big) feet. ; ) Anywho... I thought it quite befitting and awesome to accept RugsUSA's offer of doing a giveaway to a lucky Bohemian Vintage reader! The picture you see above is what you will be getting if you win! Yay you! See its specific info and measurements here. What do you have to do to win? Just browse their website and then comment on this blog post about your thoughts on their products. Yes! They're really interested in what you think! So... make it count! Now... to all of my readers in foreign countries... my apologies in advance. But, this giveaway is limited to the United States only. RugsUSA will ship within the contiguous United States. But, come on! You know I love you anyways. : )

Happy Decorating!

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