Annie is an Illustrator (see her stuff here) and lives and works in a lovely, Edwardian terraced house in Bow, London. She shares it with four other people and because of its traditional town house layout it never feels over crowded. Annie has named her bedroom ‘The Cottage’. I love this because it does feel like a little cottage. She was drawn to it four years ago because of its low ceilings and cosy feeling, compared to her previous home of high ceilings and cold warehouse appearance. She’s from North Wales and craves a bit of rural in the city and I think this room definitely gives her that. It over looks gardens, with lots of trees and birds. Being in there felt very peaceful.
I asked Annie… “If your bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save?”…
“Because I’m a terrible worrier and if I had to get out quick, I wouldn’t have time to think about saving something sentimental so it would have to be my laptop because my whole life is on it. But, that would only be if I knew Biddy, my cat was safe.