I'm trying hard to curb my natural worry-wart tendencies...I really am. I worry (in varying degrees) about the people in my life, the quality of my work, my weight, ageing, the mortgage, what colour to paint my study walls!!  I really shouldn't...it shows (again in varying degrees) a complete lack of trust in my loved ones and their ability to live their lives, an unreasonably critical perspective on what I do (which I mostly do well), a focus on my weight gain rather than doing something about it, trying to fight the inevitability of getting older (because heaven knows the alternative is much worse!), the reality that 'owning' a house brings...and the knowledge that if I don't like the colour on my walls I can just paint right on over it!  
So along with reducing my weight (starting the Women's Weekly 21 day diet on Monday!!) I'm going to try to stop worrying so much and get a bit more zen...

Heaven knows I have enough buddhas around my house...I'll show them to you one day...they should be inspiration enough!
For now the only thing I have to worry about is the fact that my ex-husband, his new wife and his other daughter who live in Townsville (a very long way away) are coming to dinner tonight with our two children. Actually, you know...I'm really looking forward to that. Maybe they'll let me take photos and post them...or maybe not :)
Finally...a huge thank you to A-M for the extraordinarily beautiful coasters I won on her new Cape Cod Designs blog. She tells me they're now collectors items so I'll be very careful who I let use them...but I'll try not to worry too much about that!
Have a lovely weekend...it's a long one here.

image 1: tumblr image 2: colourlovers image 3: moi