...even if your kids laugh at you...(as mine do to me...yes you two, I know you do!)...they may not know that you were cool once upon a time. Actually, now I think more about it, dance lots...especially if your kids laugh at you.  What's the point of having children if you can't embarrass them now and again? That, and using them to reach the top shelf when they get to be much taller than you. And if you were never cool? Just pretend...we've learnt a thing or two by now to get away with the subterfuge. They'll never know...and they probably won't even care. And if you've never had kids...you certainly need to dance...because you probably don't suck at it and I bet you've got less wobbly bits than those of us who have! Having said that, those of us with wobbly bits probably need the exercise...are you confused? I think I am. Bloody pre-menopausal hormones.
Anyway...enjoy your Friday night...go on lovely bloggy people...dance around the living room at the very least! I might even take the MGM for a spin around the coffee table.