I have never in my life decorated with red...until now. My study is...well, to put it bluntly...a study in red....yes, bad pun intended, sorry. I've convened a meeting of anything and everything that I own that is red...and put them in my working space where they talk the same language. I've even painted some things to match so they don't feel left out. Here's a peek...you don't get the whole room because it's far too messy right now. I'm too occupied at the moment with all sorts of work busy-ness to clean it up...papers all over the floor, mugs of tea on the desk, even a tape measure (not sure why that's there...to measure my staying power perhaps?)
The red cabinet used to live in the guest room when I had the luxury of one of those...no more I'm afraid, so now it holds the printer paper and anything else I don't have a place for...hmmm, maybe that's where I put the battery charger The head in the foreground belongs to an antique rocking horse...falling apart at the seams as all well loved rocking horses should be. The painting was bought from a dodgy art 'student' in Beijing...because I liked it and it reminded me of the doors of the Forbidden Palace...

The 'stuff I need to deal with' reminder makes me laugh like a drain...it's a nice principle...but do I do it very often? Ah, nah! The lava lamp was a gift and I don't care what anyone says...I still think they're cool...even if they're not really. The pen holder is one of the vampire slayer's old cat food tins painted with gloss enamel...that cat's got to be good for something! The eskimo sculpture was a gift from Canadian friends we lived with in England a very long time ago...thanks Mary and Mark. Apart from lovely memories, it reminds me that while it gets cold in Canberra, it doesn't get that cold!

The red thing started with me changing my mind...a fairly frequent happening in that space between my ears...when I called my friend Chris who was on her way to Ikea from Canberra (a 3 hour trip) who had kindly offered to pick me up an item (or twenty-three).
"Chris, could you possibly change that white Lack shelf to a red one please? Are you sure Kerry? Yep, let's live a little dangerously" said I...and I'm glad I did. I quite like it...for the moment anyway. And besides, it matches my kitsch parrots! Just noticed my desk needs dusting...sigh.
Still much to do in this room where I spend such a lot of my time...like painting the walls white, getting rid of the very ugly terracotta coloured vinyl venetian blinds...whoever heard of that colour blind for crying out loud? I'm thinking maybe some nice roman blinds instead? But the main thing is that this room works for me...and I can sit at my desk and look out the study door across my living room to a view of my courtyard...and that's quite nice. It'll do me anyway. That pile of unread books is still in here though!!

all images by me - yep, need to take a photography course!