N o worries... I'm not preggers! But, I do have a lovely godson who I love to pieces and he was my muse for this post. I'm also well aware that many of you have children or are expecting and I wanted to give you an idea of how you can incorporate the decor look you love so much into your baby's room. No Winnie the Pooh here! Oh no! Mid-Century baby decor gives your baby a very peaceful, stream lined room full of style and panache. Not only that, but it's also timeless. Want some proof? The last picture here (directly above) was taken in the 1970s! Doesn't it look totally current? Amazing, eh? Timeless. Classy. Phenomenal. Exactly what you and your bundle of joy deserve! : ) I do hope your weekend was a beautiful one. It was pouring down rain here last night. We even had major thunder and lighting, which we haven't had in a while! It was so bad that our youngest fur ball (Luke) was shaking like a leaf and wouldn't leave my side. : ( Poor guy.
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Happy Decorating!

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