All Photographs Below via SFGirlByBay blog

first discovered Jasna Janekovic through Flickr. So, today I wanted to show you all photographs of her lovely home in Germany. I thought it quite befitting for Bohemian Wednesday. I mean... it's so boho delish! I love it! I just want to move in!! Anywho, while Googling Jasna, I found out that San Francisco Girl By The Bay blog author, Victoria, blogged about Jasna earlier this year. You can read the wonderful interview, here. That's also where I got all these wonderful photographs! Her aesthetic is so beautiful and simple. The bohemian lifestyle and mind set is all about living in an artistic environment. An environment that sparks creativity! What better space than Jasna's? Wow! A wonderful inspiration! I know this posted late. Whoops! Forgot to hit the publish button yesterday! Have a fantastic Earth Day everyone! Make a vow to shop second hand/vintage. It's wonderful for Mother Earth. She'll thank you ever so kindly. : )
Happy Decorating!

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