D ressers aren't just for clothes. In fact, I've got a dresser in my living room! Our TV is on it and our DVDs, books and napkins are stored in the drawers. Weird, I know. Napkins? But, hey... we have a small kitchen! The dresser was found on the side of the road in perfect condition! It looks to be from the 1930s and it's naturally distressed in a pea green. Oh it's grand. : ) I love it. I'm sorry I didn't post a pic of it. I still haven't taken one. What's wrong with me?? So... don't ban these functional pieces of furniture to your bedroom only. A bohemian lifestyle re-uses, re-purposes and recycles. It's the way we live. It's what's in our hearts. : ) I sure hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday. : ) Here at Bohemian Vintage we're getting ready for an event filled weekend where we'll have discounts galore and are expecting lots and lots of folks! Yay us! But, for now I must say nighty night. I'm pretty beat.
Happy Decorating!

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