When I'm feeling a bit of "B & B" (a.k.a. bored & blue), I like to perk myself up with some inspiration. For me, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. From positive people to a beautiful piece of art. Today, I chose to be inspired by what was once a fantastic magazine... Domino. I found "The Domino Files" on Flickr.com and perused some of their wonderful pictures. I love color. I cannot fathom living in a space devoid of some fabulous hue. It would bore me stiff! So, I'm glad there were so many colorful pics to choose from. I sure hope today is as fantastic a day for you as I hope it turns out to be for me. : ) I'm actually just bored and blue because my sweetheart is away on a design conference in Sarasota, FL. So.... although it's nice to have some "me" time, I miss his smile and hearty hugs. He gives the best hugs! He'll return in the next couple of days, so I'll be okay. I suppose I can watch a girlie movie tonight... : ) Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Happy Decorating!

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