y favorite part of a living room? Probably the coffee table. Why? You ask? Because it's the most used (besides the sofa) piece of furniture in the room. At least in our house. We eat on it (even though we have a dining table), rest our feet on it, do projects on it, rest our drink on it, burn a candle on it, read a book on it... even rest the lap top and browse the net on it. Yes. We use our coffee table A LOT! So... wouldn't it be fitting to have the most amazing coffee table ever? Now, I'll be honest, I'm a bigger fan of wood top coffee tables than I am of glass. But, that may just be due to my fear of smudges on the glass. I don't know. Now... my favorite style of coffee table? The mid-century style. "Of course it is" you may be thinking. Well... remember that not everything I like is mid-century. I mean... I much rather bohemian style bedding and lamp shades. Don't get me wrong. But, for this particular piece of furniture... mid-century is my ultimate choice. It just looks great with anything, because it's such a simple style. It still commands attention, but it gives what's on it room for attention as well. I can't stand (and sorry in advance if you have one) ornate, heavily carved coffee tables. Yikes! Just not my thing. : )
I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday. I'm sorry for the late post. I was babysitting my godson all day yesterday. Plus, I am still very much "under the weather." So, I will post etsy tuesday later on tonight! Stay tuned!!!
Happy Decorating!
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