Joseph Eichler was a real estate developer who built "modern" homes in California between 1950 and 1974. "Eichler's" are hugely popular among lovers of "mid-century" now a days. I love that they are not showy or loud. They're simple and modern. They're unpretentious. My favorite aspect? All that glass. I'm a big fan of natural light, so that's just a given. Too bad most of these gems are in California. Awesome for Californians, but not so much for Floridians like myself. Our house (the one being renovated, not the one we currently live in) is an "Eichler style" home, but not quite an "Eichler." That's okay. We have a wanna be... but I love it! : )
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Bill & I went to the Gasparilla Arts Festival on Sunday. It was held on the grounds of the Tampa Museum of Art, which was just built in Downtown Tampa. Absolutely beautiful! The weather was clear blue skies and mid 60s. Awesome! So, it was the perfect day to be outside. Loved it!! : ) We've been so busy with work lately, that it was such a treat to just have a day for ourselves to get out there and enjoy our town. : ) Until tomorrow all!
Happy Decorating!

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