R esting your feet is such an important thing that most people neglect to do (myself included). Foot stools seem to be a thing of the past. I see ottomans now... but I don't see foot stools around much anymore. Let's bring them back! Mid-Century foot stools, in particular. The 1950s was such an incredibly chic time. It sprouted some of the greats in architecture and furniture design. And... they did not disappoint with the foot stools of the time. With their Danish Modern design, slim legs and positively good looks, I think these little guys have earned a prominent place in any room of your house. I was inspired recently by the Dottie Angel post I put up a couple of weeks back. She had mid-century foot stools upholstered in a fabulous vintage floral fabric! I want that!! So, I went on an internet search for some further inspiration. I am on the hunt now! My feet are begging to be pampered! I finally painted my toe nails yesterday. I could feel my toes through my sandals looking proud and ready for anything! Now, if they could just get some rest! How about your feet? Need some rest? Get yourself a mid-century era foot stool, re-upholster it in a fabric you adore and feel your soul (and your feet) smile. I really hope all of you are having a fab Monday! It's March... spring is just around the corner! Oh tunics and flip flops how I miss thee!!
Happy Decorating!

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